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The idea of an archaeological park has its roots in the fact, that botanical garden lays on the mount graveyard, dated approximately in year 1000 b.c. (late iron age). This area today is a protected  archeological heritage site. It used to be the place for burrials, which belonged to inhabitants of well fortified settlement at Poštela, on Pohorje Mount. It was one of the most important cities in late iron age times between  the Alps and Pannon region.

Botanical garden offers to its visitors a modest exhibition of archeology on the site, but our vision is, to soon offer more. There are over twenty well preserved mount graves in a forested area on the south border of the garden. We take this 'frozen in time landscape' as an opportunity to introduce life in an iron age to wider public. A reconstruction of the mount grave is an option and also a posibility to present burrial ceremony.

Archaeological park will have an information centre with broad archaeological exhibition, presenting life and customs in late iron age. It will also present later history of the site. Archaeological path will be included in the park, where visitors can walk amongst the mount graves. Visit of the archaeological site in botanic garden is just one of the stops of the archaeological trail, connecting historicaly important sites of Maribor and its surroundings.


Archaeological park is under construction.

Opening hours

From 24th March till September
Every day from 9.00 to 19.00

October to 18.00
November to 16.00, Sundays closed
December to Februar closed


Adults: 4 €
Pensioners: 3,5 €
School children and students: 3 €
Family ticket: 10 €

Preschool children free.


Tel.: +386 2 613 08 58
GSM: +386 31 310 330
Fax: +386 2 613 08 55

Email: botanicni.vrt@um.si


University of Maribor Botanical Garden
Pivola 90a
SI-2311 Hoce, Slovenia

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Bus Line: Ruše - Areh - Bellevue - Botanični vrt - Bellevue - Areh - Ruše

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Tel: +386 2 613 08 58
GSM: +386 31 310 330
Fax: +386 2 613 08 55
Email: botanicni.vrt@um.si

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